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Aitzpea Lazkano Orbegozo

Architect. University of Navarra. Spain.



Carlos Abadias Banzo

Architect. University of Navarra. Spain.











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Isuuru architects was founded in 2002 and it was selected by The Foundation “Proxima” to enter the sample of “young architects” in Spain (2009).


Their work has deserved awards and recognitions of the Aragon Official School of Architecs and of the Basque-Navare Official School of Architects, among them are: Second Prize Garcia Mercadal “Residential Building” for “The single-family dwelling in Chimillas (Huesca)” (COAA 2003);

Second Prize Garcia Mercadal “Equipment” for the building of “Casaclub Hotel in Las Margas Golf Residential Home in Sabiñanigo (Huesca)” (COAA 2007); Finalist for the award “Urban design and landscaping” for the work of “Atarieder Square in Loiola”    (COAVN 2007); “Selection residential work” Garcia Mercadal for “Two single-family dwellings in Senegüe (Huesca)” (COAA 2010); Selected for FAD 2011 awards for their work “House of Culture and Human Rights Institute in Aiete (Donostia)” and finalist for the award “Dotational Building” for the work “House of Culture and Human Rights Institute in Aiete (Donostia)” (COAVN 2013). In 2014, Aitzpea Lazkano has been selected finalist for the arcVision Woman and Architecture prizes.



Most important competitions and projects:


  • Second place in the competition of the new Lasarte sports centre. 2019 (with Francisco J. Muñoz Blazquez)


  • Urban renovation project under the Carlos I viaduct, in San Sebastián 2019 (finalized)


  • Second prize in the competition for the urban renovation around the Iztueta viaduct in San Sebastián. 2017
  • First prize in competition for the renovation of the Txofre parking in San Sebastián. 2017 (project finalized)


  • Library at Zizurkil 2016 (finalized)
  • Botanic Garden´s stage at Santa Catalina de Badaya. Iruña de Oca, Alava 2016 (finalized).
  • New ordenation for Sagües, Nestor Basterretxea´s “Paloma de la Paz” esculpture´s ubication.San Sebastian  2015, project.
  • Consolidation of the ancient ruins of the Santa Catalina de Badaya convent. 2013-2015 (finalized).
  • First Prize in the competition of “Master Plan for the Santa Catalina de Badaya´s botanical garden in Iruña de Oca, Álava”. (finished in october 2012).
  • Butterfly house, San Sebastian 2012-2012 (finalized).


  • Uba House.. Ametzagaina Park. San Sebastian. 2012 (finished).


  • Orio´s graveyard development. Gipuzkoa 2010.


  • The reform of the kitchen of Maria Cristina Hotel. San Sebastian 2009/2010. (finished)


  • First Prize in the competition to carry out The Zuatzu audiovisual Innovation Park, San Sebastian 2007. Selected building for the CIBARQ 2008 sample of sustainable architecture buildings.


  • Firs Prize in the competition to perform the Riverside Walk on the left bank of the Urumea River, Garden City of Loiola. San Sebastian 2007 (finished in 2010).


  • Finalist proposal in the ideas competition to urbanize the Cataluña Square. San Sebastian 2006.


  • First Prize to urbanize the Jose Maria Alkain Square in Riberas de Loiola. San Sebastian. First part finalized in 2006.


  • First prize in the competition of The House of Culture and Human Rights Institute in Aiete. San Sebastian 2005 (finished). Selected by The Foundation Proxima List of Architects (2009) and selected for FAD 2011 awards.


  • First prize for the project and construction management of Atarieder Square in Loiola (finished), (with architect Francisco Javier Eguiluz). Finalist work in the COAVN awards given in the category “Urban design and landscaping 2006”.


  • First prize for the project and construction management of The Social Integration Business Center and the complementary development in Belartza industrial park. San Sebastian (finished in 2005).


  • Elevator installation project in cabins in La Concha. San Sebastian (finished in 2004).


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In 2002 they founded caflarquitectura ( with the architect Francisco Lacruz Abad for the urban planning design and large-scale residential developments doing the following projects:



  • Urban development. 2200 housing and golf course. “Las Margas Golf Residential Home” Sabiñánigo. Huesca. 1st phase (980 housing)  finalized in 2007.
  • Mixed urban development. 6000 housing, university area and low power parks. La muela, Zaragoza. 2002.
  • Single-family dwelling in Chimillas, Huesca. Second Prize Garcia Mercadal, by The Aragon Official School of Architects, for the best residential building made in Aragon in 2003.
  • Four star hotel and social club “Las Margas Golf”. Sabiñánigo, Huesca. (finished in 2006). (with architect José Luis Galán). Second Prize Garcia Mercadal, by The Aragon Official School of Architects, for the best residential building made in Aragon in 2003.
  • Residential buildings in “Las Margas Golf Residential Home”, Sabiñánigo. Huesca.
  • 2 dewellings at Senegüé, Huesca. (Finalized in 2010) . Selected ffor the Gardia Mercadal  2010 prize .

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In 2007 they founded llsaarquitectos ( with architects Miriam Liskova and Michal Sulo for project developments in Eastern Europe.



  • "Breno´s city center" "Budoucnost Centra Brna",Urban planning copetition, 170 ha, (with Raul Alonso)  2015-2016.
  • School competition in Viena, "Wettbewerb Neubau GTNMS 21, Stammersorf" (with Raul Alonso) 2014.
  • Office building in Viena, "Wettbewerb Neubau Rathausstrase" 2013.
  • Municipal offices in Viena, "TestBase Cluster Wettbewerb" 2011.
  • Comparison between the evolution of the planning regulations of Spain and Slovakia. 2011.
  • Residential proposal for Jarovce, Bratislaba, Slovakia. 2010. Developer: CEMPEX s.r.o.
  • Report for the residential plot 3584/5 at Pertrzalka, Bratislaba, Slovakia. 2009. Developer : DANAQ REAL ESTATE s.r.o.
  • Industrial proposal for Nitra, Slovakia. 2009. Developer: : DANAQ REAL ESTATE s.r.o.
  • Residential proposal for Presov, Slovakia. 2008. Developer: PBU & ASOCIADOS BILBAO S.L.
  • 500 housing proposal at “Area on semiconductor Slovakia “, A.S. Piestany, Slovakia. 2008. Developer: PBU & ASOCIADOS BILBAO S.L.








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